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Power and Internet where you need it.  Power is currently available in Las Vegas only (soon to be nationwide), we offer Tesla designed battery generators to be used anywhere you need power.  Plug in one of our plug and play routers to gain internet access where you need it.

Are you in the conventions and events industry?  Take advantage of some of the resources we have available...

Don't let the Coronavirus hinder your business.  Remote in from anywhere in the world with a telepresence robot and avoid the crowds.

Specialized technical support

Along with communication, email and credit card processing, our service offers you the versatility of having internet where you need it.  As long as you have power and are in range of a cell tower, you are online.  Also, create a remote or mobile office with wireless printing and internet in minutes with our plug and play service.

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Our routers come with WiFi capabilities.  For the fastest speeds we always recommend to hardline into the router via a Cat 6 cable or upgrade your WiFi with an Access Point.  Ask about our Preferred Access Points.

Take advantage of our fast download speeds for downloading content, processing credit cards, streaming videos, accessing your email, surfing the web and communicating with others.

We are always happy to assist you with any questions you may have.  Our team holds the highest standards in Customer Service and is prepared to answer all your questions regarding our equipment and service.  For faster service please email your inquiries to info.preferrednet@gmail.com.  To speak with someone directly call 702-301-8648.


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