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Virtual Presence Robot Services

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For More Information Call 702-301-8648


For More Information Call 702-301-8648

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WE lease virtual presence robots for short term and long term

A Virtual Presence Robot can be used in just about every industry:


-Real Estate

  • Attach multiple clients onto a Zoom or Google Meet chat and show them multiple properties without wasting time or money driving to houses they aren't interested in.
  • Virtual Open House


  • Serve your customers with a serving tray attachment.
  • Seat customers, take orders, deliver meals and take payments remotely.


  • Social distance your team from customers without loosing that personal touch.
  • Take payments and check ID's with easy remotely.


  • Virtual Presence butlers can take care of multiple guests with a smaller physical presence in guests rooms.
  • Remotely deliver room service. 

-First Responders

  • Don't risk sending in people when potential hazards or diseases can be involved.  Send in the robot.


  • One guard can stay at their post and be a mobile sentry for a building.
  • Attach a thermal camera to watch for high temperatures.


  • Take a Virtual Tour from anywhere in the world with the best tour guides to explain the exhibits also from anywhere in the world.


  • Manage your business locations remotely from and to anywhere in the world.

No Mask Required!

"Virtual Presence robots do not take jobs they create jobs"

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