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Virtual Presence Robot Services

When you complete a purchase you are agreeing to our terms and conditions / Privacy Policy  along with the understanding that Preferred Network Provider sells 4G Internet service to individuals and businesses.  Included in this service is one of our routers that is owned by Preferred Network Provider, if it is not returned after the service is cancelled or it is damaged or stolen it is the client's responsibility to replace the router if they have not purchased the damage waiver, which only covers the router if it's been damaged, not lost or stolen.  The Access Points are available for purchase on our website and do not need to be returned if the service was to be cancelled.  We offer a month to month service for internet with a 6 month minimum switching to month to month after from the date of purchase.  Cancel anytime after the 6 month minimum and return the router to 3315 E Russell Rd Suite A-4 #290 Las Vegas, NV 89120.  No refunds are applicable, if you cancel your service in the middle of the month then you will have to pay for the rest of that month's service and if you paid for the 6 month service then you would get a prorated refund for the months you did not require the service after your router is received by Preferred Network Provider.


For More Information Call 702-301-8648


For More Information Call 702-301-8648

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WE lease virtual presence robots for short term and long term

A Virtual Presence Robot can be used in just about every industry:


-Real Estate

  • Attach multiple clients onto a Zoom or Google Meet chat and show them multiple properties without wasting time or money driving to houses they aren't interested in.
  • Virtual Open House


  • Serve your customers with a serving tray attachment.
  • Seat customers, take orders, deliver meals and take payments remotely.


  • Social distance your team from customers without loosing that personal touch.
  • Take payments and check ID's with easy remotely.


  • Virtual Presence butlers can take care of multiple guests with a smaller physical presence in guests rooms.
  • Remotely deliver room service. 

-First Responders

  • Don't risk sending in people when potential hazards or diseases can be involved.  Send in the robot.


  • One guard can stay at their post and be a mobile sentry for a building.
  • Attach a thermal camera to watch for high temperatures.


  • Take a Virtual Tour from anywhere in the world with the best tour guides to explain the exhibits also from anywhere in the world.


  • Manage your business locations remotely from and to anywhere in the world.

No Mask Required!

"Virtual Presence robots do not take jobs they create jobs"

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